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Our season start event 2016 - Photoshow here

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Update! We finished 14th at CCEDHEC 2016 in Roscoff! 
Somebody might have gotten a DSQ, because we bumped up a place. Now we are right after our friends from Michigan State University Sailing
, who unfortunately did not get their DSQ's for the paperwork removed. A GoPro video from our week on the water will be posted when we get back to Denmark, so stay tuned!


Poloalbum-Edhec 2016 Roscoff-Prologue 45Poloalbum-Edhec 2016 Roscoff Mardi 23
The results of from today (number 7), we got two races, could have had a third but the race commiteee fucked up so the last got cancelled 😛😛 anyway, we are happy

Result after practice race; we ended up as nr. 9 or 10 out of 30-35 boats. Started fourth in line due to french speaking commetee, so all in all we are very happy!

Roscoff France - EDHEC Sailing Cup 17april 2016 - Practice race today Smile
Link to EDHEC Sailing Cups website here

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Preparing boats for season 2016 - click here for photoshow
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Preparing boats for season 2016 - click here for photoshow

The laser dinghies are really coming along. You guys should be very grateful for the work Andreas Lauge Vestermark Hansen Mikael Mosbech Eronen and Nikos Goufas have put into this, I know I am! Thanks to them we might have 4 laser dinghies this season and that is just awesome!
//Thea Bjørk

This weekend we started from the bottom and ended on the top! The last race was very close, so close in fact that the race committee was in doubt weather we came in first or second, unfortunately they decided to give us the second place. Also today we were t-boned in second race by KØS and the boat was so damaged that we could not finish the race. All in all we had a really good race today also and ended up on a 14th place. At the award ceremony the team was rewarded with the hall of fame award reviving free catered for next years regattas.
Thanks for everyone supporting us all the way!
DTUdk #sejlsportsligaen #DTURacingTeam 
DTU-Sejlsport satser på overlevelse i Ligaen
DTU-Sejlsport er det eneste universitet i Danmark der er repræsenteret i Sejlsportsligaen. I denne sæson sejler DTU med i 2. division, og målet er 'at overleve'
Klik her og læs baadmagasinets artikel om DTU-Sejlsports kamp for overlevelse i sejlsportsligaen

DTU-Racing teamlast training before Faaborg

23. august 2015 - Congrats with the clearing to all of you! And thanks for an awesome day on the water / Thea Bjørk.
 New Laser team - 10. august 2015

Amazing group of awesome guys.  Mange Tak / Przemysław Mikulski
New beginner team starting - juli 2015

IMG 2652

The team that can sail free, all passed with flying colors.

Laser StandardLearn to sail a Laser dinghy - 500 danish kr. for half a year

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 Wednesday at 5 PM  by our dinghies in Skovshoved Marina

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